Zootopia Land at Night

The world’s first Zootopia theme land opens at Shanghai Disneyland

The world’s first Zootopia themed land officially opened on December 20th at Shanghai Disneyland. The ceremony was held at Sahara Plaza. Bob Iger, CEO of the Walt Disney Company, and Liu Duo, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, presided over the opening of the “city” moment to celebrate the grand opening of the new land. Judy and Nick were also present to witness this grand occasion.

“For 100 years, The Walt Disney Company has entertained, shocked and inspired audiences and fans with exceptional storytelling across generations and geographies,” said Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company. “The popular Disney animation production The studio movie Zootopia continues to gain traction with fans around the world, especially in China. Zootopia is an exciting new land built in a groundbreaking new way, and we’re excited to bring it to Shanghai Disney Resort guests come here to immerse themselves in their favorite stories and meet their favorite characters.”

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Josh D’Amaro, chairman of Disney Experience, said: “Storytelling is our specialty… Our cast members and Walt Disney Imagineers are doing their best to bring the world’s most beloved entertainment experiences to life in a uniquely Disney way. Your favorite stories are brought into reality. The moment you step into Zootopia, you can forget about the hustle and bustle of the outside world. You will be in a lifelike environment full of storylines, and feel the rich details and fun contained everywhere. “

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Yang Jinsong, Chairman of Shanghai Shendi Group, said: “Thanks to all the creative, design, construction and construction teams of the new project, which took several years to present such a beautiful new park and new works. Thank you to the government departments at all levels for their support in project development and construction and We have been given guidance and help in operational preparations. The spirit of partnership is the most valuable asset accumulated over the past ten years since the signing of the Shanghai Disney project. In the future, we will continue to work hard to create a wonderful and successful world-class theme park and help Shanghai become a Make new contributions to a world-famous tourist city with international influence.”

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All guests are welcome to become the new residents of Zootopia! Judy and Nick led a group of Zootopia residents to join in the celebration, warmly welcoming the new residents and inviting everyone to enjoy this special day and “try everything!”

After the opening ceremony, Disney Experience Chairman Josh D’Amaro shared the latest vision for the opening of Zootopia with media guests from all over the world, Duke Weaselton suddenly appeared on stage and forced Josh to sign a statement so that he could become the ambassador of the city. The silver-tongued weasel in the movie demonstrates how Walt Disney Imagineering uses cutting-edge technology to bring familiar Disney stories and characters to life in front of guests.

The night before Zootopia’s grand opening, the park hosted a lavish opening party. Well-known local figures including athletes, artists, writers, designers, singers, actors, and other representatives from various fields arrived at the Avenue of Stars in outfits inspired by different animals. Their attire highlighted their individuality and diversity, while also aligning with the celebration’s theme.

A magnificent celebration took place in front of the Enchanted Storybook Castle in the evening. The theme song “Try Everything” played as Gazelle, accompanied by backup dancers and singers, made a dazzling entrance. The song reached its peak, and celebrity guests joined her on stage. Meanwhile, the castle displayed a stunning scene projection, with spectacular fireworks lighting up the night sky.

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