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Shanghai Disneyland Zootopia Land Update Tracker | Opens December 20

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Zootopia, which hit theaters in 2016, achieved remarkable success worldwide. The movie not only set new box office records for animated films in China but also holds the title of the highest-grossing animated film in Chinese cinema history. Its worldwide earnings exceeded $1 billion, and it was recognized with both an Oscar and Golden Globe award for Best Animated Feature Film.

The Shanghai Disneyland’s Zootopia-themed park opened on December 20th, 2023. Many of the park’s buildings have already been topped off and painted, and lighting tests were conducted earlier this year. What can visitors expect to experience when the park officially opens? Let’s take a sneak peek!

Here are the latest updates on the Zootopia-themed land at Shanghai Disneyland.

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December 20, 2023: Shanghai Disneyland’s Zootopia themed land officially opened, making it the first theme park in the global Disney parks to be based on Zootopia. To promote the opening, the characters from the movie can be seen at various subway stations in Shanghai. On the evening of the 19th, Shanghai Disneyland held the opening ceremony and it officially opened to visitors on the morning of the 20th.

October 24, 2023: The Zootopia area of Shanghai Disney Resort will officially open on December 20, 2023. Visitors of all sizes are welcome to explore the vibrant city and its many attractions, which have been carefully crafted to bring the beloved animated film to life. From food and drink to entertainment and merchandise, every aspect of the new land has been designed to fully immerse guests in the world of Zootopia.

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October 21, 2023: Xiaohongshu user 歐小逸 recently shared a stunning aerial view of Zootopia Land at night. The illuminated landscape showcases the intricate details of the park’s architecture and attractions, including the vibrant colors of the buildings and the dazzling lights of the rides. The image captures the magic and excitement of Zootopia Land, inviting viewers to imagine themselves strolling through the park and experiencing its wonders firsthand.

September 5, 2023: Shanghai Disney Resort has revealed the creative highlights of the world’s first Zootopia-themed land, which will be the eighth themed land in Shanghai Disneyland park. This new land, opening later this year, will transport guests into the lively and diverse mammalian city of Zootopia, where “anyone can be anything.” With Disney’s renowned creativity and cutting-edge technology, the land promises to be an immersive experience for visitors.

Remember the Pawpsicles that Nick and Ninnick are selling? Guests can have a taste of it! The Zootopia Pawpsicles is in collaboration with Mengniu, Unexpectedly and comes in hawthorn-flavored. In addition, there are also Jumbo-Pop and The Big Donut that rolls down the street of Little Rodentia, which look incredibly tempting!

source: Robin@xiaohongshu

March 28, 2023: Zootopia land in Shanghai Disneyland was spotted with lights on for the first time.

February 14, 2023: Zootopia land can been seen from Seven Dwarfs mine train. Here’s a look at the skyline from the nearby Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction. Check out the video on Twitter to see the city of Zootopia on Seven Dwarfs mine train.

Shd Zootopia Construction 2023 01 | Your Disney


September 11, 2022: Shanghai Disneyland has shared a video of an audio-animatronic character named Officer Clawhauser, who will be featured in the upcoming Zootopia attraction in the Zootopia land. The character is a cheetah animatronic that appears to be the same size as a real-life cheetah, as demonstrated in the video where it is shown next to two Cast Members.

Zootopia Officer Clawhauser 2022 | Your Disney

September 9, 2022: D23 Expo 2022 has unveiled concept art of the new “Zootopia” ride coming soon to Shanghai Disneyland with concept arts and model of the Ride Vehicle. Also, new concept art has been released for the upcoming land.

July 25, 2023: The expansion of ‘Zootopia’ at Shanghai Disneyland is giving rise to a new skyline.


June 15, 2021: Construction continues to progress in the park’s upcoming themed land that will feature new entertainment, merchandise, food and beverage offerings and a major new attraction that seamlessly blends Disney’s storytelling and state-of-the-art technologies. Audio-Animatronics figures of some of the leading characters from the story are also under development, with some of them, such as the three-meter-tall Polar Bear from Tundratown, and Yax the yak from Mystic Spring Oasis,

Shd Zootopia Twitter First Look 2021 | Your Disney


December 30, 2020: the construction of the new Zootopia-themed land was celebrated with the installation of the final steel roof deck. Leaders and representatives from the resort, as well as from the Administrative Commission of Shanghai International Resort and Shanghai Shendi Group, signed the final steel roof deck before it was installed and witnessed the topping out of the attraction.

June 09, 2020: This week marks a significant progress in the development of the new Zootopia-themed land at Shanghai Disneyland, as the first steel column was erected, marking the start of the vertical construction process.


December 9, 2019: Construction of the “Zootopia” themed park officially begins.

Shd Zootipia Construction Start 2019 | Your Disney

August 25, 2019: Disney has released a new piece of concept art for the Zootopia land coming to Shanghai Disneyland at D23.

Shd Zootopia Concept Art | Your Disney

January 23, 2019: Shanghai Disney Resort announced that the world’s first “Zootopia” themed park will soon be located at Shanghai Disneyland, becoming the eighth themed park at Shanghai Disneyland.

Shd Zootopia Twitter Annocement 2019 | Your Disney
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