Universal Studios Beijing Winter Holiday Celebration

Experience the Festive Atmosphere at Universal Studios Beijing Winter Holiday Celebration

Transported back to your childhood when Iyou truly believed in the existence of Santa Claus. Don’t miss out on this year’s Universal Christmas season at Universal Studios Beijing if you want to experience the festive atmosphere of Christmas!

Christmas activities at Universal Studios Beijing are concentrated after 16:30. The atmosphere is very lively after the lights are turned on at night!

Universal Studios Beijing Winter Holiday Celebration
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Christmas activities best for daytime:

Kung Fu Panda Winter Meet-up

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Take photos with Kung Fu Panda characters in winter outfits.
Time: Starts at 10am, every half hour.
Location: entrance of Hollywood Boulevard.

Santa Claus Meet-and-Greet

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Take a photo with Santa Claus, you can also take pictures outside, but it is not recommended to go at night as it might be crowded and could close at any time due to performances.
Time: Starts at 11am, available throughout the day.
Location: On the left side of the Starlight Town stage.

Universal Studios Beijing Christmas 2023

Hollywood Boulevard Snowing

Hollywood Boulevard with snowfall, it’s so romantic!
Time: Starts at 10am, every half hour.
Location: Entrance of Hollywood Boulevard.

Christmas activities best for nighttime:

🎄This Time of Year Is

It is the perfect way to create a festive atmosphere and bring the holiday season to life.
Time: we recommended 17:45 and 19:00, as the lighting adds to the ambiance. There’s no need to arrive too early and wait in line, especially since it can be quite cold. You can still enjoy the show from the slopes in the back.
Location: Hollywood Boulevard. Don’t forget to take some beautiful photos of the exquisitely decorated shops along the town.

🎄Sparkling Christmas Tree Spectacular

A nighttime light show that you definitely shouldn’t miss.
Time: Starting at 17:30 in the evening, every half hour until closing.
Location: Hollywood Boulevard.

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